#No Part Number Model Description Price
5451 F29A23320000000 Vess A2330 Promise Vess A2330s , Bare unit $4500
5452 F29VA2620000020 Vess A2600 Promise Vess A2600, Bare unit $9500
5453 29R26T200M0000 Vess R2600tiD

Promise Vess R3600ti Disk Storage
F29VR36200M0007, Bare Unit Incl.
4-port 1G iSCSI + 2-port 10G BASET, DDR
Memory:8GB*1, Dual Controllers, With
Rail&Handle, NBD part delivery

5454 F40E58F00010045 VTrak E5800f

VTrak E5800f Disk Storage F40E58F00010045, Fully Populated Incl.
24*18TB SAS HDD, 4U/24-Bay Dual Controller 16G FC RAID, RAM 16GB (8GB Per Controller), With Rail&Handle, NBD part delivery

5455 F29A33420000001 Vess A3340d Win10E Promise Vess A3340d, Bare unit $9000
5456 F2900002000007 Vess A6120-RS WS2012R2 OS, 500W , BBU F29000020000064, NBD Support $10000
5457 F29A612200M0000 Vess A6120 AS

Promise Vess A6120 NVR Disk Storage
F29A612200M0000, Bare Unit Incl.
Windows Server 2016, CPU 2xE5-2620v4, 16GB
Memory for A6120/A3340, P/N F29A31220000003
M.2 128GB, RAM 64GB, With Rail&Handle

5458 F29VR36200M0014 Vess 3604fiS 4-port 1G iSCSI + 4-port 16GFC Per Controller, 8xSFP FTLF8529P3BCV DDR 16GBx1 Single Controller, G90000038000019 bundled Perfect Data for Vess R3000 $9000
5459 F29VA7620000006 Vess A7600

4. Promise Vess A7600 VES0603 Disk Storage F29VA7620000006, Bare Unit Incl.
Windows Server 2019, CPU E5-2603V4, M.2 128GB,
RAM 16GB (8GB*2) F29A61220000019,
NBD part delivery

5460 F29VA7820000003 Vess A7800

Promise Vess A7800 Disk Storage F29VA7820000005,
Bare Unit Incl.
Memory:8GB*2, CPU:E5-2609V4, M2 128GB, Windows
Server WS2016, With Rail&Handle,
NBD part delivery

5461 E18XPR21J6/1P2 E18XP

NEXSAN E18XP (E18XPR21J6/1P2) Disk storage Expantion unit fully loaded Incl. 18 x 1.2 TB SAS 10K HDD W/Nexsan F/W

5462 E18PF2K21J6/1P2) E18V Duall Controller FC

E18V Duall Controller FC P3500559 (E18PF2K21J6/1P2)) Disk Storage, Fully Loaded Incl. 18 x 1.2 TB SAS 10K HDD W/Nexsan F/W Dual 16GB Controllers with FC Ports, NBD Warranty